A cover letter you only wish you'd had the nerve to write. This one landed him the job!

Who is this guy? What kind of guy is he? How did he get here?

Let me try to explain:

I remember very little about my early childhood, although my diverse and nearly complete knowledge of inane late-seventies sitcoms can only indicate some form of serious childhood neglect, if not abuse.

While in college, in what can only be described as a successful effort to forestall all human social contact, I chose to enroll as an electrical engineering student at Texas A&M university, because as I so thoughtfully put it: "It Sounded Hard." After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I graduated. My yearning for Knowledge unsatiated, I enrolled in graduate school. Although I noticed my mistake immediately, I went on to finish my degree anyway. While in graduate school I participated in REAL SCIENCE, as seen in this now famous photograph.

This picture shows what a 7.2 KV power line will do to a compact car. If you look real close, maybe you can see me in the passengers side.


This is my computer. Its called Franken-Mac. It's ... unique. Many of its parts didn't work when I got them. Parts of that monitor are speaker wire. I don't leave the room when it's turned on. It gives me the creeps.

A year ago last December ('94), while visiting a hitherto unknown (to me anyway) company, I saw the prototype QuickCam and I thought WAY COOL! Hated that wire though. Felt so strongly about it that when I got back to Texas, I tried to get rid of it by building one of these in my kitchen.
Notice the hand-wound inductors. Impressive.

My QuickCam still has that wire though. Damn Kitchen.

When I first met you, I thought you were retarded.

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